Custom Exhaust, Performance and Accessory Center

Custom ExhaustHave you ever thought about changing your vehicle's exhaust system? Are you looking for a muffler repair shop? Come to Urb's Garage and Collision Center if you need a custom exhaust system or muffler work performed. We provide custom exhaust installation, maintenance, and repair services at our shop in Burlington, KY. We're not far from Florence, KY or Hebron, KY.

Customize your vehicle's look with a new exhaust system. There are a variety of designs on the market that our team can install for you. In addition to appearance, custom exhausts can improve your vehicle's performance and change the sound of your ride. Looking to make your vehicle to growl aggressively? There's a custom muffler for that. Prefer silence on the road? There's a custom muffler for that as well. We carry custom exhaust systems from Flowmaster and Magnaflow.

You already know we do custom exhaust systems. Did you know we also offer performance accessories?
Diesel tuners help you get the most out of your engine. This simple tool can help increase horsepower, improve torque, and even improve your gas mileage. We carry diesel tuners from great brands like Superchips and Edge Products. We also carry K&N cold air intakes. K&N is the top name in cold air intakes. Guaranteed to make your vehicle gain horsepower, a cold air intake helps to eliminate major sources of restricted air flow. This helps your vehicle to breathe easier, and to run more efficiently, giving you more power. We'll help you find the right air intake for your vehicle. Check out Urb's Garage and Collision Center, where we do it all when it comes to custom exhausts. Our services are always competitive, and our staff is dedicated to their work. From muffler maintenance to exhaust replacement, we're your local custom exhaust shop.