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What makes a Good Mechanic Pt. 1 Do You want to be an Auto Technician?

With being a large facility in the business of auto repair we are always looking to fill one or two positions in our shop. That is much easier said than done. The available pool from which we would find a technician is lacking tremendously. Secondly, the training for our industry is still very sub par. The technical schools you see advertised on TV are a good start but they are expensive and simply get you into the ground level of the industry. When it boils down to it there is no simple or easy way to become a high level certified tech other than doing it yourself. If you talk to most guys in the industry they are self taught or started sweeping floors. That’s where I started and sometimes I think if I hadn’t gone out and learned myself, my dad would have still have me sweeping floors in my own shop! Now, you think you want to become a technician and you have got what it takes. The first question I always ask in an interview for a tech is “what is the highest level ... read more

Keeping your car CLEAN!!!!

If you are like me you like to have a clean car. Also if you are like me, finding the time to clean it in the driveway might be hard. My solution was a monthly membership to Mike’s Carwash which is a local chain in the midwest. It runs about $50 for unlimited washes each month. I have seen first hand what the salt and grime does to trucks and cars in the midwest. So I wanted to share the tips I use to help keep my truck clean and rust free on the outside and how a couple quick tips can keep your interior in top shape as well. First off you need a couple things. Similar to Clorox wipes, Armor all and Mothers sell their automotive interior wipes in the plastic containers that allow you to grab one at a time. You can find them at many grocery stores as well as Target and others. Next time you are out pick up a pack or 2 to keep in your vehicles. The also sell window wipes in the same type of containers. Most of the packs fit in the glove compartment, center console or even the door ... read more

Checking your Tire Tread Depth

Checking your tires is simple. All you need is a penny. Yes a penny with good old honest Abe on it. Make sure its a clean enough penny that you can see his head clearly. Most tires need to be replaced at 4/32 of an inch to be safe. Unfortunately it takes some work to get even wear across the face of a tire throughout its life. Using a penny will give you a good idea on how your tires are wearing and if they need to be replaced. The picture illustrated below shows you how to tell if the tire is bad. If you turn the penny upside down and stick it in the tread of the tire, it should cover up part of Lincolns head. If you can see his entire head that is 2/32″ or less meaning your tire should be replaced. If you can see his forehead but not his hair that is about 4/32″. A new tire should be about 10/32″. When checking your tire check across the whole tire. If your wear is uneven you might decide what is causing the issue. Higher or lower tread depth in the middle can be du ... read more

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