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5 Ways to Upgrade your Ride

  1. Wheels-Add some new wheels. When modifying your ride the first thing many consumers look to do is upgrade their wheels. This could mean going to a larger rim and tire set up. With websites like Vision Wheel, Fuel Wheels, and Wheel Fire, you can easily choose your vehicle and see what it would look like with a new set up. In addition to his make sure you understand offsets to give you the width and stance you like that will set you apart from the field. 
  2. Wrap or Paint-We get calls all the time asking about the price of an all over paint job. The cost to paint an entire car is generally outrageous. Vehicle wraps have become much more popular due to this. Unless you are adding strips or fixing damage paint may not be an option. A wrap offers a significant amount of color and image options that give you a one of a kind look. A full vehicle wrap is more affordable in the $3000 range and the best part is, it isn't permanent. When getting a vehicle wrap it is best to find a qualified installer and perhaps check out some of their work before hand to make sure the quality is there. Companies like Dream Wraps USA are top of the line and have done a wide range of work for normal consumers and super car owners. Additionally you don't have to wrap your whole car. You can simply wrap some accents like grills or door handles to achieve the style you might be looking for. 
  3. Accessories-Adding accessories can make your car look sleek and stylish. Whether it be simple air deflectors or even replacing a bumper to make it look tough, you can change the setup of your vehicle without deviating too much from stock. In addition you can add a lift leveling kit on a truck for about $300 that will give you some clearance for a little bit bigger tire. You can also add a lift for a bit more money. Many cars have the ability to add lowering springs and coil overs. This will tuck the wheel up in the fender well a bit more. Make sure you have the vehicle aligned in either case so you don't wear out the tires. Also be aware of the tires rubbing hard parts when turning. Rough Country sells a wide array of upgrade and accessories for trucks while Air Lift is a leader in suspension upgrades for cars. 
  4. Detailing- Detailing consist of much more than simply washing and vacuuming out your car. Detailing involves using a clay bar to remove debris stuck in the clear coat of your vehicle as well we buffing and polishing to remove light scratches and imperfections like swirl marks. You are then in the method known as paint correction. Making the clear coat pop like the day it was new is a talent. Finding a detailer that performs paint correction and protection is one way to set your vehicle apart. A deep clean and detail can go a long way. You can check out places like Ceramic Pro to find a detailer near you. 
  5. Window Tinting and LEDs-Adding tint to your windows can look cool and it can help preserve your interior as well as keep it a little cooler during the summer. There are numerous types of tints that can add a unique look to you ride. Also LED lights are much more popular these days. Whether it be light bars or simply replacing headlights, fog lights or tail lamps, you can add a new  look without breaking the bank. Most replacements are plug and play with some needing to be wired in. Adding a light bar is a little harder as it needs to be hard wired but they can be useful for hunting and offroading as well as other outdoor activities.

When Deciding how to upgrade your vehicle do your homework. Cheap is not usually best. Make sure you are using quality parts. If you are doing the work at home you can easily get stuck because the cheap part didn't include everything you need.  Before you start, lay the parts out and double check that you have everything. Then, let the fun begin. 

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