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The Problem with Cheap Brakes.....

I admit to being a bargain shopper. There were a few lessons in life that taught me about quality. The first time I installed a stereo system in my truck, I thought I had hooked something up wrong when in fact I simple cheaped out on the speakers. Eventually I came to appreciate nice clothes that would last more than a year. Ironically brakes are in a similar boat. Most people would say, "A brake pad is a brake pad." Your mechanic might even tell you that, and that statement could not be farther from the truth. You may be familiar with certain brands you have seen over the years and think, "I have heard that name so they must be ok." Again this is a falsehood. The truth is, cheap brakes should only be put on cheap cars. Brake pads are made up of certain a certain formula of a binding material and brake material. Each manufacturer has a different recipe and each claims there's is better when most are just in it to make the pad as cheap as possible and get as much ... read more

5 Ways to Upgrade your Ride

Wheels-Add some new wheels. When modifying your ride the first thing many consumers look to do is upgrade their wheels. This could mean going to a larger rim and tire set up. With websites like Vision Wheel, Fuel Wheels, and Wheel Fire, you can easily choose your vehicle and see what it would look like with a new set up. In addition to his make sure you understand offsets to give you the width and stance you like that will set you apart from the field.  Wrap or Paint-We get calls all the time asking about the price of an all over paint job. The cost to paint an entire car is generally outrageous. Vehicle wraps have become much more popular due to this. Unless you are adding strips or fixing damage paint may not be an option. A wrap offers a significant amount of color and image options that give you a one of a kind look. A fu ... read more

PLEASE Don't Skip the Transmission Services.

The landscape of the auto industry is changing dramatically. It seems to be a very up and down flow of change and innovation. With changes in laws and regulations, fuel consumption continues to be a battle all over the country. That being said, things like CVT transmissions and 8 to 10 speed transmissions are becoming more prominent. The automatic transmission has been around forever, but it is also more important than ever to change the transmission fluid regularly. We have had so many vehicles come into our shop with only 80k to 100k miles on them and the transmission is already shot. Chevrolet SUVs are a major culprit. Also the vehicles like Nissan with CVTs are another. The main cause of failure is lack of maintenance. These vehicles are very sensitive to oil pressures and friction. Both of these issues can be mitigated by fresh fluid exchanges and flushes. It is best to check the manufactures recommendations, but most recommend fluid exchanges between 30k and 50k miles. This is th ... read more

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