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5 Ways to Upgrade your Ride

Wheels-Add some new wheels. When modifying your ride the first thing many consumers look to do is upgrade their wheels. This could mean going to a larger rim and tire set up. With websites like Vision Wheel, Fuel Wheels, and Wheel Fire, you can easily choose your vehicle and see what it would look like with a new set up. In addition to his make sure you understand offsets to give you the width and stance you like that will set you apart from the field.  Wrap or Paint-We get calls all the time asking about the price of an all over paint job. The cost to paint an entire car is generally outrageous. Vehicle wraps have become much more popular due to this. Unless you are adding strips or fixing damage paint may not be an option. A wrap offers a significant amount of color and image options that give you a one of a kind look. A fu ... read more

Tell. The. Truth.

One of the pillars of our business is honestly. I may not fix you car, but I will always be honest with you. If you are a good, moral businessman, you will have a CHANCE to succeed. If you are not a good moral businessman, you will have NO CHANCE to succeed (Except in this industry......). This week we had a gentleman come in with a car we had previously worked on. He had it at another shop and they told him it was leaking from a previous repair we had performed (Was in for a coolant leak at the intake manifold). After we raised the car up and inspected it, we noticed numerous oil leaks. It did have a very slight oil leak from a gasket that we had replaced. I could have easily acted like that was not an issue and sold the older gentleman a bunch of work. The scenario is that the car is drive about 500 miles per month. In the inspection we found the vehicle had an oil cooler leaking, oil pan and rear main seal leaking, causing a drip. When I spoke with the gentleman, I told him the repa ... read more

The truth about EVs and Hybrids

By now we have all seen a Tesla or Prius on the road. These are the most common Hybrid/EVs in the US. With the release of the Model 3 Tesla now owns over 50% of the US market for Electric vehicles. These cars are quite impressive from offering auto-pilot to updating overnight giving you up to date user experiences, these cars seem futuristic in an industry that is not as advanced as many would like. Electric vehicles have limited range and must be charged frequently. Hybrids on the other hand still have gas generators and can go until the next fill-up giving you and unlimited range provided you can find a gas station. There are plug in hybrids that have a chargeable battery as well as a generator. The EV market however currently has a large hill to climb. With low fuel prices there is little incentive for folks to buy EVs. Additionally Americans like fast, big cars and trucks. So that doesn't exactly fit the green narrative. In rural America, an EV simply would not be a viable opti ... read more

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