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The only reason you need to 'warm up' your car is to defrost the windshield......

It is that time of the year when many motorists wonder if they need to let their vehicle “warm up” or idle before driving. In fact, today’s modern cars are ready to drive in cold temperatures without excessive idling, says the Car Care Council. The idea of idling before driving dates back to when cars were built with carburetors. With new fuel-injection technology, complex computer systems and thinner synthetic oils, drivers don’t need to warm up their cars before hitting the road. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “When a car idles for more than 30 seconds, it has several negative effects, such as increasing air pollution unnecessarily, wasting fuel and money, and causing excessive wear or even damaging a car’s engine components, including cylinders, spark plugs and the exhaust s ... read more

PLEASE Don't Skip the Transmission Services.

The landscape of the auto industry is changing dramatically. It seems to be a very up and down flow of change and innovation. With changes in laws and regulations, fuel consumption continues to be a battle all over the country. That being said, things like CVT transmissions and 8 to 10 speed transmissions are becoming more prominent. The automatic transmission has been around forever, but it is also more important than ever to change the transmission fluid regularly. We have had so many vehicles come into our shop with only 80k to 100k miles on them and the transmission is already shot. Chevrolet SUVs are a major culprit. Also the vehicles like Nissan with CVTs are another. The main cause of failure is lack of maintenance. These vehicles are very sensitive to oil pressures and friction. Both of these issues can be mitigated by fresh fluid exchanges and flushes. It is best to check the manufactures recommendations, but most recommend fluid exchanges between 30k and 50k miles. This is th ... read more

Tell. The. Truth.

One of the pillars of our business is honestly. I may not fix you car, but I will always be honest with you. If you are a good, moral businessman, you will have a CHANCE to succeed. If you are not a good moral businessman, you will have NO CHANCE to succeed (Except in this industry......). This week we had a gentleman come in with a car we had previously worked on. He had it at another shop and they told him it was leaking from a previous repair we had performed (Was in for a coolant leak at the intake manifold). After we raised the car up and inspected it, we noticed numerous oil leaks. It did have a very slight oil leak from a gasket that we had replaced. I could have easily acted like that was not an issue and sold the older gentleman a bunch of work. The scenario is that the car is drive about 500 miles per month. In the inspection we found the vehicle had an oil cooler leaking, oil pan and rear main seal leaking, causing a drip. When I spoke with the gentleman, I told him the repa ... read more

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